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Sara Conforti



Centosettantaperottanta results from the artistic research conducted during the emergency Covid 19. A path that integrated the question What comes first? , the itinerant educational format Atwork, with the usual gender-oriented practice between dress and habitus of the project Centosettantaperottanta, conducted by the artist since 2011.

The meetings dedicated to this particular survey began in December 2020 with the users of Fragole Celesti, a dual female community, to treat abuse, violence and mistreatment. Both remotely and in presence from December 2020 to July 2021, 10 workshops were held that involved 70 participants throughout the country.

The individual research notebooks produced by the participants, elaborated by the artist in the final phase, were then exhibited during the XIII Florence Biennale 2021, ETERNAL FEMININE | ETERNAL CHANGE. A site-specific installation with a curious interactive formula that recalls the Books of Fortune in vogue in the Renaissance period.

The notebook consists of 70 images selected by the artist from as many research notebooks – one for each – to compose a unique Book of Fortune that refers to the site-specific installation and aims to involve the public further.

Users ask themselves the question What comes first? They interact with participants’ stories, extracting from a set of small encrypted stones a number that coincides with a page in the notebook. Through their reading, the public will enter into empathetic contact with a fragment of the story written by the anonymous compiler, randomly called to answer the initial question.

The choral work thus becomes a valuable tool for introspective and self-analysis, a document of a path of life and personal and shared change, clues that suggest future projections of our states of mind.

Sara Conforti

Turin, Italy.1973. Artist - Founder and President hòferlab cultural association.

Sara Conforti is Guest of Honor at the XIII Biennale in Florence 2021. ETERNAL FEMININE | ETERNAL CHANGE. Concepts of Femininity in Contemporary Art and Design

She receives the Lorenzo il Magnifico Lifetime Achievement Prize for the high value of his activity, in which artistic practice and poetic vision are conceived as a path to explore the issues that gravitate between the ethical and aesthetic conditions of life, investigated within the intricate tissues of the human condition, involving love, passion and inclusion in the background of economic, social and gender differences.

Hier practice explores the complexities of the social and gender fabric along with social, political and environmental issues. Author of performative projects, artistic research and social sculpture that focus on the dress that is the object-symbol of our voracious consumer society, becomes a subject-pivot able to stimulate deep reflections around individual and collective identity thanks to the reactivation of the reminiscence process.

The participation of civil society in its artistic practice, in particular of women who have suffered marginality, abuse and violence, has allowed Sara Conforti to perfect an art of relationship as an educational and healing tool, a real experience of cooperation and appreciation of differences to regenerate self-esteem, independence and freedom.

Since 2011 Founder and President of hoferlab ass. cult. and author of the projects Centosettantaperottanta and 13600hz Concert for Sewing Machines.

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