AtWork group is an online community

The community is composed by the participants to various AtWork workshops across the world as well as the hosting cultural organizations, international artists and professionals of the contemporary art scene. The members of the community exchange their experiences, showcase the produced notebooks and discuss ideas as well as build networks and showcase events and opportunities. Ultimately this space represents an opportunity to continue and expand the critical thinking process and debate that started during the workshop.

We also invite all those interested to contribute to the discussion with their ideas, to showcase their portfolios, get updated on the various artistic and educational initiatives and calls in different parts of the globe.


“Thank you AtWork for everything you’ve given and shared with us. It was a dream!”

Hanna Minaye

“I’m grateful to AtWork for being an eye opener and making me discover a new talent in me.”

Nourhan Maayouf

“Giving me unlimited freedom, was AtWork’s strength”

Reem Hamed

“Thanks guys it was a real liberating and helpful experience”

Shatha Al-Deghady

“Thanks AtWork team for the ardent support for all the sharing and believing in this art scene. We need to write, document, market and present the visual arts to the best we all can. Jackie I feel you. Please give me a buzz if you are in Kampala.”

Violet Lynus Nantume

“Thank you Elena Korzhenevich and Moleskine Foundation for keeping in touch and following up about us this means how important we are and we shall follow up too. Indeed another Africa”

Robinah Nansubuga

“Can’t comment on it now but it was epic”

Immaculate Immy Mali

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