Gaia Calzi


Gaia Calzi


The stranger in me is : TIMING


a) project from a surface;

b) persist in opposition or support of something;

c) to be easily seen or noticed.


a) clearly very much better than what is usual;

b) not yet done, solved or paid.

Excellent, but out of place.
Persistent but unsolved.
Caught up in the middle of too soon and too late, too old and too young, in the middle of leaning toward the future, devouring the present and looking back to the past.
I add pages that occupy spaces that are not supposed to be theirs, to write and read stories
that are still untold, out of a standard that exists only in our heads. Let the future happen.

Gaia Calzi

I am an inter-reader, I like simple things and making plans that hardly work out the way I planned. I love wine at the end of the day and enjoy being the dumbest in the room.

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