Portrait by Eva Bartussek

Élise Atangana’s work lies at the intersection between curatorship and exhibition production. Based in Paris, she is interested in the way mobilities, including the movements of people, ideas, objects, and services, affect our everyday lives. Her research focuses on the relationships between physical mobilities and virtual mobilities (movement, representation, practice) and their link to contemporary art: how do the physical and virtual movements of individuals activate space today? How are artistic practices influenced by these new mobilities? How does our relationship to the body interact with the way virtuality modifies our perception of space, and what social and political implications do these modifications imply?

Her recent project include This is Utopia, to Some (11 march – 13 May 2018) Kadist Art Foundation Paris, Seven Hills for the 2nd edition of Kampala Art Biennale in 2016 (3rd Sept. – 2nd Oct.) , Entry Prohibited to Foreigners at Havremagasinet, Sweden, (6June-27 Sept 2015), Co-curatorship of the 11th Dakar Biennale, Senegal, (9 May- 8June, 2014), Rencontres Picha – Biennale of Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo), in collaboration with Elvira Dyangani Ose, (1- 6 October 2013.)


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