Call for applications


Call for applications


Call for application

“Who is the stranger in me?”


AtWork Milan, Italy
Workshop dates: October 17-21st
Exhibition inauguration date: October 23rd
Partner: BASE
Workshop language: English
Conducted by: Simon Njami
Application deadline: September 15th, 2023

AtWork Cali, Colombia
Workshop dates: March 6-10th
Exhibition inauguration date: March 13th
Partner: Kitambo
Workshop language: Spanish
Application deadline: February 17th, 2023

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Moleskine Foundation launches a call for young international creative talents to participate in its itinerant educational format AtWork under the umbrella topic: “Who is the stranger in me?”

AtWork “Who is the stranger in me?” curatorial statement by Simon Njami, AtWork Advisor:

The Fon and the Bakongo cultures share the same type of divinity: Nana Buluku for the first and Mahungu for the second. For the Bakongo, Mahungu was a two headed creature who was split in two parts and gave birth to a male (Lumba) and a female (Muzita). For the Fon, Nana Buluku created the male and the female from its androgenous nature. This stranger in me should not be confused with somebody coming from outside, like the Jewish dibbouk (a demon that haunts its victim’s spirit) or Sosia, Plautus’ character (the slave with many faces). Instead, it is another part of me. That part that activates actions or reflexions that I don’t totally master and that, at times, can surprise me, as if I had been daydreaming or had been a victim of somnambulism period. Neither it is the German doppelgänger, even if that mythologic character opens up to a reflexion about the duality of human being. In the African vaudou or certain Latin American ceremonies, the trances allow people to reach another part of their personality and to bring out hidden information that they had no consciousness of. It’s a shout that frees this intangible part of their psyche. It is perhaps the same kind of metaphorical shout developed in Albert Camus novel “La chute”, the story of Jean-Baptiste Clamence (from the latin clamens, which means shouting out, in reference to John the Baptist who preached in the desert) who, at a certain period of his life, becomes his own judge. Until the revealing moment where he did not try to save a drowning young woman who will die, the high idea he had of himself seems to him as a huge lie and he starts his own trial. The question behind this short novel, written as a monologue, addresses the « ego » that we think we are and which might be a social construct rather than an assumed reality. Who are we when we say I am? A fiction or a reality? That is the question we are invited to address and that might allow us to follow Socrate’s invitation inscribed on the frontispiece of Delphi’s temple: Know thyself.

What is AtWork?

AtWork is an itinerant educational format conceived by Moleskine Foundation and Simon Njami that unlocks the creative potential of young people through critical thinking, growing their sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and stimulating their changemaking attitude.

It contributes to building a new generation of creative thinkers and doers.

To find out everything about AtWork format click here

How does it work?

Each AtWork Chapter is made of the following:
a 5-day intensive workshop (from 10:AM to 6:PM) on the topic “Who is the stranger in me?” that culminates in:

  • an exhibition of the notebooks created during the workshop;
  • a community made of other participants present during the experience, and whose connectivity is continued online thereafter (via Facebook), connecting to the wider AtWork alumni globally.

Each workshop includes 25 participants and will be conducted by a prominent artist or intellectual that is part of our AtWork Faculty.

The workshop conductor:

How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form below.
The selection process will be based on the information you provide and will be effectuated by Moleskine Foundation and our respective local partner in charge of the workshop organisation.

Application deadlines for the respective workshops:

AtWork Milan, Italy – Partner: BASE
Conducted by: Simon Njami
When: October 17-21st
Application deadline: September 15th, 2023

AtWork Cali (Colombia) – Partner: Kitambo
Conducted by Simon Njami
When: 6 -10 March 2023
Application deadline: February 17th, 2023

Why should I apply?

  • You need a deeper understanding of your purpose and sense of self
  • You want to exercise your critical thinking and creative doing skills
  • You want to gain extra confidence to create social change in your community
  • You want to be confronted with the exceptional personalities leading you on this journey as well as the community of international like-minded creative pioneers.

Who can apply?

  • If you are a young person between 18 – 27 y.o.
  • If you are intellectually curious and are ready to work on your self-development.
  • If you are passionate about transforming your community through culture and creativity.
  • If you are proficient in English.
  • Applications from around the world are welcome.
  • Applications from all the minority groups are encouraged; this is an inclusive program.

Do I have to pay for the experience?

If you are selected to participate, you are automatically awarded Moleskine Foundation scholarship that will cover your participation fees.

What happens if I am selected for a scholarship?

  • You will receive an email confirming your selection and will be asked to confirm your desire to participate.
  • The Moleskine Foundation scholarship will cover your participation fee for the workshop days.  Lunch will also be provided for all the days of the workshop.
  • You will have to cover your travel and accommodation costs if you live outside of the country/city where the workshop is taking place.
  • You will be contacted by our local partner with the details of the workshop.